Black Tourmaline

Protection: Grounding.

Crystal Type: Mixed: it is a Silicate but has other properties within depending on it’s primary mix.

It has a hardness of: 7

Colour: Jet Black with a beautiful lustrous look. through to poorer black colour.

Chakra: Base or root works well with all though.

Zodiac: Libra

Common uses and information: Tourmaline is a particularly powerful protector. And has been used for eons by Magicians and Shaman to protect from negative Spirits and Demons. Today it is no less valuable and should be a part or your everyday collection, used singularly or in grids around your home or place of work. Tourmaline is a great transmuter of energy, It assists to balance the hemispheres of the brain. Promoting a wise and compassionate outlook on people and life. Use it when healing joints or the spine in conjunction with your own spiritual alignments to assist the healing process. Tourmaline will enhance your ability to deal with panic attacks and if you are your fear of the dark. It can be used to clean the aura and assist with masculine issues in your spiritual life.