Blessing of Sahmain

Hello my friends,

and blessings of Samhain to you. Life has been hectic of late. We are moving in a time of great change both within and out of our own world. In embracing this change we face challenges and joy while we seek our new beginnings and dealing with the shadows this brings up within us.

Always a humbling experience and always beneficial. Our website is starting to grow and as it does our views on where we are and where we will be become clearer. I love this journey. So many of you are an integral part of this and it is with deep gratitude that we thank you. Ivana has her next Healing with crystals course on the 12th of November.

This is more than just finding a bit about some rocks and can be an amazing yet powerful transformation for you. As you delve deeply into the world of healing, crystals meditation and of course your own healing journey. Those that have experienced her love and deep knowledge of this world will attest to that.

You can contact Ivana on 0416 481 411 for more information.

Craig is continuing his bio-energetic and shamanic healing sessions and readings at Embrace Westfield Miranda as well as Thursdays at the Healing Space in Bondi Junction. It’s great to see so many people embracing their lives with his transformational sessions.

It is with great love we share with you.

It’s also a time where we see more men beginning this healing journey as many find it difficult to open yet when they do becoming powerful yet loving men within their own community, homes and work space.
To book time with Craig please call 0404 477 577

As always we embrace Ifa and honor our own journey with it. We will be introducing you to this powerful energy soon.

Again we thank you and with deep love and gratitude say thank you and blessings to you and your family.
Craig and Ivana.


By Ivana Slobodnik

Ivana Iyanifa is diviner, oracle, spiritual consultant, accredited crystal healer and teacher, shamanic practitioner, ritual-creator and Ifa Priestess, officially initiated into Iyanifa in 2011 at Uluru by Olowo Robert Lavtar.

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