Celestite Jump into your dreams, calm your nerves, raise your confidence and access the angelic and highest vibrational realms.

Properties of Celestite

Crystal Type: silicate

Hardness: 3.5

Zodiac: Gemini and Cancer

Chakra: Throat, Crown third eye, ALL!

Colour: Peacful blue lighter and at times see through

Angelic: The perfect crystal for accessing the angelic realms

Common Uses: Accessing the Angelic realms, meditation, Dream recollection, cleansing the aura. It is an amazing crystal for calming yourself and confidence.

Wisdom of Celestite:

We love it because it assists us to remain in a place of higher vibration, especially those that have had a Bio-Energetic healing as it helps to maintain that healed state, removing those things that are no longer necessary in our lives.

From the Latin word Caelestis…….heavenly or celestial.

This beautiful Blue Crystal is both calming and relaxing.

It has a hardness of about 3.5 so can be a bit brittle depending on how it is cut or finished and is associated with the throat chakra, though it is also used to balance and integrate the crown and third eye, while also healing and aligning all chakras balancing at he very highest of vibrational levels. It is a cardinal water and air crystal

It clears and cleanses the human aura. A Zodiac crystal, it is beneficial to Geminis and Cancerians. I have heard it used for eye problems also.

Celestite is fantastic for clairaudience and hearing problems also it is said.

Known and loved for it’s extremely High vibration energy, Celestite or Celestine as it is also known enables you to connect with the Angelic realm and connecting with the Angels themselves.

Celestite is a wonderful crystal for emotional stability and protection, as it offers you with it’s luminous energy the chance to reduce fears, anxiety decreasing negative thoughts and energies offering you in it’s space true hope.

Celestite is not shy in pointing out what you need to know when connecting to the spirit and Angelic realms and as a “teacher of the new age” enables you to speak your own truth with ancient knowledge and angelic guidance while it opens the third eye and crown to the higher vibrations necessary to access these realms.

Healing with Celestite is calming. During times of stress and change it assists you to remain clam and work through these challenges and ending with a positive note and ‘winning’. While great for accessing the higher realms we also see it as a powerful crystal in the every day life. And this is important! For those that entertain such as speakers or actors, singers and public officers it helps destroy those feelings of anxiety before going on stage. Lightening also the anxious times for those in crowds or agoraphobics challenged with entering outside spaces.

Children also benefit from carrying Celestite as it helps to alleviate shyness and low self esteem finding joy and peace within their world as they expand their lives to experience new and exciting things.

Dreamtime and meditation become more aware and powerful as you use this crystal, allowing you to go clearly and gently while in a deeper state of meditation and assisting with the clarity of dream recollection.

 We will have many specimens on our site come inside to check them out.