Amazonite a symbol of ‘Courage, Truth, Harmony and Balance’ is a popular gemstone. Because it is opaque or semi-translucent, Amazonite is cut into cabochons or flat inlay pieces, or it is fashioned into beads and decorative objects. Amazonite gems are mounted in silver for wear in pendants, necklaces, and bracelets. Amazonite also appears in south-western-style silver jewellery as a substitute for turquoise, a gemstone that it closely resembles.

Crystal Type:



6 - 6.5 on Moh's Scale




Blue, Blue Green and also with Brown, white, cream or yellow patterning



Amazonite Wisdom:

Amazonite assist to alleviate skin and eye ailments and to enhance the condition of the skin, prevents infection, sooths rashes, heal blisters, leaning up acne and may reduce the pain of rheumatism. . It aids ell regeneration and healing after illness, trauma or injury and relieves muscle spasm. It can be used in treating disorders of nervous system, metabolic process, resisting tooth decay and osteoporosis. It is also useful in treating sexual disorders, and also aid childbirth. It inspires hope and increases personal confidence and acts as a barrier filter crystal that blocks geopathic stress, absorbs microwaves and cell phone emanations and protect against electromagnetic pollution. In work place it protects against unfair business practises, and other taking advantage, it is a good luck stone.

Amazonite calms nerves, aids creative expression, soothes the emotions, also brings joy, clarity and an understanding of universal love, Reveals the energy of Universal Love and provides freedom to express ones thoughts and belief, values and feelings. It awakes compassion for others by allowing one perceive both sides of a problem and accepting differing points of view. It assists in communicating ones thought and feeling without over-emotionalism and helps in overcoming loneliness and has been credited in making married life happier.

It improves Mental Abilities and is a travel aid and image magic. It is also utilized in spells involving trips to distant lands, used in meditations, bringing a keen awareness of everything to the consciousness, eliminates irritating and negative energy. It provides harmony, spiritual communication, balance and it is a powerful talisman of healing and prosperity. It empowers us to manifest our dreams, desires by magnifying our intentions.

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