Amber is not a crystal but a fossilized resin from the pine family. (it is not sap). It is between 40 and 60 million years old while Copal is between 100 years and a million years old…….it is immature!

Crystal Type:



2 to 2.5


Solar Plexis


Clear yellow to a waxy honey-yellow. It can be found with red, brown, blue and green tones. Fossilized insect are often found within it.



Amber Wisdom:

Common uses and information: It attracts love, enhancing pleasure and happiness, sympathy and understanding of self and others. Coming from a tree we find in it’s beginnings part of it’s true calling. From the grounded roots of the tree sharing and living with Gaia to its exposure to the sun and light connecting to the Universe.

Amber supplies us with a sort of gateway or connection when working within these elements. Grounding and joining as one. Hence its ability to aid those suffering depression.

True Amber floats in highly salted water. True Amber burns if touched by the tip of a red hot needle while Copal or resin will melt. Copal crazes over if you touch it with acetone, (please note this will also affect the Amber and is not recommended for you to try out unless you’re prepared for the outcome.)

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