Apache Tears

Apache Tears

Apache tears Heal Grief and Give Protection and Grounding is composed of black or dark-colored natural volcanic glass also known by the lithologic term "marekanite", a type of Black Obsidian, but they have a more friendly vibration than some of the other types of Obsidian. Maybe it is their strange out of shape appearance that makes you comfortable with them.

Crystal Type:



5 - 5.5 On Moh's Scale







Apache Tears Wisdom:



The energy of these stones will strengthen the blood, reduce bad toxins, relieves muscle issues and improves the immune system and body vitality, and they will help the body to assimilate Vitamin C and D.


They may bring through joy as they encourage you to feel more positive about life. Apache Tears are said to assist in giving and accepting forgiveness after aiding clearing of negative emotions and emotional healing for old issues troubling the mind. It also helps in managing situations that can put us at risk or in a state of grief.


Apache Tears are powerful stones to use for psychic protection, good for meditation, and grounding. This is extremely useful if you are a healer, as they will aid your work by ensuring you are kept safe. It also brings the wearer good fortunes.

• Symbolism – Heal Grief And Give Protection And Grounding
• Mineral Class – Mineraloids
• Composition – Rhyolite
• Crystal System – Amorphous.
• Toughness - Good.
• Stability - Good
• Transparency – Translucent
• Specific Gravity – 2.4. -2.8
• Lustre – Vitreous.
• Tenacity – Hard And Brittle.
• Fracture – Conchoidal.
• Category – Tumbled Stones And Gemstones
• Location – South-Western USA And Mexico
• Rarity – Common

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