Bloodstone is a deep green stone for ‘Centering, Abundance’, with small red specks. The small red specks are where the stone gets its name. They make the deep green stone appear to be spotted with blood

Crystal Type:



6.5 - 7 on Moh's Scale


Root and Heart


Green with Red streaks


Aries, Libra

Bloodstone Wisdom:



This ancient stone was used by the Babylonians to make seals and amulets said by intuitive sources to be helpful in anaemia and other diseases of the blood, blood pressure, and other minor illnesses. This stone assist the physical body regains its strength and stamina, and the spiritual energy is rekindled and this promotes independence and spontaneous leadership.


Bloodstone is excellent for centring and grounding, said to help with calming, particularly in survival situations, brings mystical energies of increasing adaptability and organization, and lessening confusion, stress, and anxiety. It is said to be a stone of courage, bringing mental, physical and emotional renewal by releasing blockages and enhances the intellect.


Still others believed that bloodstone could help control or change the weather, win legal battles, or give the gift of prophecy and also believed it increase strength or made them invisible. Bloodstone is a marvelous aid for contemplation, prayer, and meditation, bringing a calm, harmonious energy, beneficial for grounding and centering thereby allows for a more direct union with the higher levels.

• Symbolism – Centring, Abundance
• Mineral Class – Feldspar
• Streak – White.
• Composition – Silicon Dioxide
• Crystal System – Trigonal
• Cleavage – Perfect.
• Stability = Good
• Colour: Dark green / greenish-blue with small red blood-like spots
• Transparency – Opaque
• Specific Gravity – 2.61
• Lustre – Vitreous
• Tenacity – Brittle
• Fracture – Uneven
• Category – Tumbled Stones and Gemstones
• Location – India
• Rarity – Common

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