Kyanite has boundless energy, it is one of the few stones in the crystal world that never needs cleaning. Its energy enhances and strengthens the aura.

Crystal Type:



It has in fact two hardness levels, The first being 4.5 when scratched across the face and 6.5 when scratched length wise.


Aligns all instantly, Primarily assists the throat and Third eye


Blue, Black, Grey, Orange, Green and rarer still Ruby in Kyanite


Blue Kyanite: Aries, Libra, Pisces, Taurus.

Kyanite Wisdom:

Said to have endless energy, It is one of the few stones in the crystal world that never needs cleaning (though we do suggest you do so occasionally giving It a ‘break’ as a way of giving thanks). As a tool for healing, it instantly aligns all chakras.

It’s incredibly powerful Energy enhances and strengthens the aura. Being such a high vibrational stone, Kyanite is grouse for building energetic pathways where none were before. A superhighway builder of sorts, this high vibration allows for super fast energy transfers.

Thus, creates bridges between mind body and spirit, enhancing psychic abilities, and the ability to clear and cleanse other Crystals. Use in meditation is incredibly calming as it aligns all chakras instantly making the journey between the now consciousness and deep meditative state swiftly and calmly. Additionally, it restores Qi to your body and balances the Yin and Yang energies within.



Blue is the most common and popular. It works with all Chakras but is particularly good with the third eye even though blue is the color of the throat chakra. Aids in the development of intuition and psychic abilities. It is gentle and balancing, removing blockages and amplifying higher frequency energies. Calming and assistive in meditation when opening the third eye promoting your psychic abilities.


Black affords you protection from hidden negative energies or enemies. Offering a beautiful connection to the natural world and dispelling fears of this world. All the while strengthening your meridian systems and increasing positive healing vibrations especially while healing.


Green works as the colour suggests, with the heart Chakra. It is a lie detector of sorts as when using it we are able to discern the truth, be it from the media in its various forms or from others around us that teaches us to work with our heart seeing and feeling ‘truth’ be it yours or others. A beautiful nurturer, it assists with natural growth and development of new beginnings such as business and family integration.

Use it to keep things constant and on track and connecting us profoundly with the natural wonders of the earth and earthly spirits, elemental energies and divas. With this stone we feel and realize our connection with Gaia and experience her gifts fully. While grounding it also assists in astral travelling (not recommended unless you have researched this area prolifically) that also helps with the natural dream rhythms of sleep. Use Darker coloured Green Kyanite when travelling and at times of spiritual growth for inner knowing and strength.


Orange Works with the sacral chakra to assist with the promotion of healthy organs in the lower body such as Intestines, kidneys and sexual organs. Aids in the strengthening of the lower back or vertebrae. Additionally, helps with issues of self blame, money matters and control issues. Working through the sacral chakra, a place of creativity within you, Orange Kyanite assists to enhance your natural creative abilities, talents and growth.


Indigo works in conjunction with your pineal gland to assist with the promotion of psychic abilities……it’s a third eye thing! that stimulates lucid dreaming. In its darker form the stone also enables as other colours of Kyanite do the introspective ability to see our own truths and those of others. On the other hand, the lighter coloured indigo offers us the wondrous ability to connect more deeply with the world of nature and our appreciation of it and other people in our lives.

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