Moldavite – an “accident of nature”, each piece a marvel of cosmic, etheric and earthly wonderment, forged by the fires of space. It is one of the rarest stones on Earth.

Crystal Type:





Heart primarily, also the third eye and crown.




Due to the nature of its formation, Moldavite is applicable to all star signs.

Moldavite Wisdom:

We are rarely without it! Moldavite is an ‘accident’ of nature…Or was it?
It is said that around about 15 million years ago A HUGE meteorite crashed into our beautiful planet in a place called Moldau valley around the areas Bohemia and Moldavia in Czechoslovakia. There were large deposits near Vltava river in the Czech Republic

The impact and immense heat created a mixture of minerals and elements of both earthly and extra-terrestrial origins, what we today know as Moldavite. Each piece a marvel of cosmic, etheric and earthly wonderment, forged by the fires of space.
There is some conjecture about the origins of Moldavite, this is the origin law that I have known for over 20 years. As I find out more I will update this blog.

Can you tell yet that it’s a stone we love. AND it loves Herkimer diamonds! a bonus. Their physical beauty is found in the dropped molten aspect of its origins, they look like they were strewn out as a liquid and settled naturally with the most precious of ridging or wrinkles. Feel the heat in the palm of your hand…. the most common reaction to it. And if you don't feel the heat it's ok, we all have different reactions to stones and crystals.

Psychic awareness, connection to the etheric realms, In meditation, it assists in the journey, but it is wise to also have a grounding stone with you. Take me home! Its heart connection is obvious, a sense of love of self and the universe around us. It was, I think, sent to us as a gift, to instil a love of self and connection to Gaia while at the same time enabling us to communicate with spirit and those not of this earth.

Moldavite is nearly a pure silica, It also contains rare trace elements like rubidium, caesium and barium.
Primarily Moldavite has traces of aluminium oxide, iron oxide, potassium oxide, magnesium oxide, sodium oxide and calcium oxide.

All of our Moldavite comes from the Czech republic, as it is the only place in the world where it is found. There are many fake crystals sold theses days including much Moldavite. So beware, but also trust your gut feeling. And the old adage applies here, if it looks too good to be true it probably is! So if it's really cheap it's more than likely not Moldavite.
At The Crystal Cave, Ivana and Craig guarantee our Moldavite is genuine. We do not provide a 'certificate' of Authenticity as anyone can print this.

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