Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz a high vibrational stone and is one of those,’we all need his one’ crystals, Life, love and Joy it brings into our everyday life environments.

Crystal Type:

Quartz crystal (incomplete)




Primarily Crown and the heart. It clears all Chakras.


Milky clear with purple hues. Also citrine, clear and brown.


Pisces (amethyst), Citrine(Cancer)

Spirit Quartz Wisdom:

Spirit Quartz is a quartz crystal that has grown so fast that it’s end is incomplete and it has tiny Amethyst Druzy crystals up and down its length, covering it in a magnificent light purple.

It can also be found with clear quartz druzy. Rarely and occasionally seen with Citrine and smoky quartz.

Just have it around you! Spirit Quartz Is high vibrational stone. In Healing, Spirit Quartz works on all parts of the physical, spiritual and higher bodies and gets to the main issues needed to be dealt with “the heart of the matter” if you like.

It’s a powerfully protective stone as it also shields the aura, it’s great to use in groups at work and in meditation to enhance the collective. An important stone to use with Shamanic journey and in dreams. It will assist you to decrease natural fears and when dealing with loss at all levels.

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