Lapis Lazuli

In Ancient history Lapis was known as Sapphire new bible versions have sen fit to change some references of Sapphire to Lapis Lazuli. It’s pigment as a paint is known as Ultramarine and is a magnificent color.

Properties o Lapis Lazuli

Crystal Type: Metamorphic rock

Hardness: 3.5-5.5

Zodiac: SagittariusChakra: Throat and third eye

Colour: Deep bright hypnotic blue to washed denim in colour

Common Uses: Healing and protection, calming and communication

 Wisdom of Lapis Lazuli:

Lapis Lazuli, Ancient, Deep dark blue in colour with lightly dusted with flecks of Pyrite enhancing its colour. This stone of truth can assist us to speak our own ‘truth’ and in being authentic in our words, enabling for calm discussions and harmonious relationships. A great stone for enhancing the higher self or mind, it assist with intellectual endeavours, perfect for writers, lawyers and intellectuals. One of the oldest gem stones recorded history shows it being used up to 7.000 years ago, being used as a pigment, and as an ornamental stone. The Egyptians loved Lapis Lazuli, the blue in King Tutts sarcophagus is Lapis!

This stone of truth is not in fact a mineral at all, Lapis as it is often known is made up of a group of minerals . It’s blue color mainly derived from lazurite, which is a blue silicate mineral of the sodalite group.  Pyrite gives it those delicious golden highlights and the white or pale color is Calcite. Other minerals include Mica, Diopside, Afghanite and Sodalite. So it varies in hardness from 3.5 in Calcite to about 5 .5 of the Lazurite.

Mostly found in Afghanistan where it has been mined for thousands of years, Lapis Lazuli is also found in Argentina, Canada, Chile, Pakistan, Russia, and In small deposits in the USA.

Healing Benefits and use: Ground up and used as paint pigments from the ancient Egyptians, to renaissance artists Lapis is also carved easily and affords it’s keeper the most beautiful of deep sea blue to lighter colours.

At Anubis Creations we love the stone for it’s ability to assist with the healing of those that find it hard to speak their truth. Allowing the throat chakra to clear and in doing so allowing a clear channel from our higher selves to follow and speak our truth.

Perfect for writers and orators as it allows the ancient wisdom and clarity of mind to come forth as you create and inform.

Grid it within your home to promote peace and harmony, it will enhance the love and trust you have for your children and maintain a level of calm for active teenagers. I have heard also that it assists with those that have Aspergers, ADD and autism as it can calms and clear the mind. And within this calm matrix it is also great for those that have suffered some form of Trauma or abuse.

Inflamed areas are also said t be assisted with Lapis, heat it in warm water or in the sunlight and place it on bruises or those inflamed muscles or skin.

Spiritually: Lapis Lazuli is known to maintain a connection between the physical and spiritual wolds, Aiding also with your connection to your own spirit guides. And enhancing with Shaman and Witches when practising white magic.( though I like to think of it all as just magic)

It was one of the first stones that chose me decades ago on my path into the spirit world with manifesting my desire to contact spirit and the crystal devas. While at the same time offering protection from psychic attack and  also in protection grids. Placed in the four corners of your room , house or space to protect your daily lifes coming and going.

Anubis Creations creates amazing Talismans with Lapis Lazuli, so wearing it every day to enhance the above benefits becomes  not only practical but beautiful!