Physical protector, Spiritual cleanser

Crystal type: Carbonate family

It has a hardness of: 3.5/4

Colour: Magnificent green colour with stunning banding in the best specimens

Chakra: heart, third eye, throat

Zodiac: Capricorn, Scorpio.

Common uses and information: Malachite is a stone of abundance ,protector of self and family also of your own possessions. It is a must have healing stone. It is also a transformational stone, We use Malachite during healings especially those with deep issues, it prompts a positive healing and transformation of deeper issues, as such is sometimes called the “stone of transformation”. Use it as a protective amulet and in healings tools to ‘extract’ heavy energies, as a powerful metaphysical stone it draws out and holds theses energies until cleansed, it therefore should be cleansed or cleared often when working with it. Used on the third eye it can help promote psychic vision.