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Abundance Talisman of Transformation


Protection Wealth Love Freedom Balance

Clear Quartz Sphere with Turquoise and Natural Citrine point… a mesmerising combination that brings bout manifestation of abundance together with the protection of the Turquoise and clarity of mind with clear Quartz.

Just holding this beautiful talisman in your hands brings a feeling that you are well protected from unwanted energies and that the abundance is around the corner. Clear Quartz will give you clarity of mind so you can start taking positive steps towards achieving your goal.

The talisman is 8cm long so you can easily wear it under your work shirts and of course out on the open when so desired.



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Crystal Wisdom


Citrine comes in two basic forms to the general public which is natural, while the other is enhanced, or heat treated. The later being those beautiful deep golden colours we see with coffee coloured tips. However, This heat treatment does not affect the energetic properties of Citrine in a negative way. Said to be powered by the sun, it is a great place to start on your crystal journey. This is because It energizes and warms you to new life and ideas, it creates Abundance, Psychic connection a...

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