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3 x Amethyst Tumble Stone


Protection Peace Love Wealth Balance Freedom
Amethyst, spiritual protection,psychic awareness,luxury, a stone of purification. A stone of sobriety for the ancient Greeks! Healing properties abound with this stone, it is a powerhouse. Amethyst assists to eliminate your energetic field from negative energies. Cleansing the Immediate area of the ether. It is a magnificent stone to place in a babies or childs room for energetic protection, and beautiful love and gentle energies to surround it. Birth stone of Pisces.


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Crystal Wisdom


Common Uses: Healing and protection for both humans and animals, it is useful around plants also. The Amethyst is also known as the “stone of sobriety” because it enables you to recover from addictive habits and relationships. It is great in a bedroom or in an area where relaxation needs to take place because it is a natural reliever of stress and helps one relax to sleep. Use it in Babies rooms to protect and relax the child. It is also used to enhance spiritual growth and awareness, and ...

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