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Authentic BOJI STONES Rare


Balance Freedom Peace

Authentic BOJI STONES, not Shaman or Moqui Stones

What can I say … I LOVE those earth stones that come from the one place, SW Kansas. They carry strong grounding and healing energies and one of the most beneficial attributes they have is to balance female and male energies inside the body. As you can see they came in pairs thus represent one female – smooth surface one and one male one that has ridged and textured surface. Colours might vary but mainly are a dark brown colour. Assisting us in overcoming our emotional problems and one less known but important benefit is that these beautiful stones clear some hypnotic commands which are not ours but have been implanted by others in earlier times we are not aware.

When you find yourself in need of balance, when you can not make a decision and are up and down emotionally or physically you would do well to hold this beautiful stones one in each hand and you will experience a beautiful balance and hence be able to make right decisions based on grounded energies, not scatteredness.

Included is the Certificate of authenticity.

Size approx: 3.2cm accross (each)






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