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Fire and Earth a Talisman of Gentle Strength and Open Protection


Protection Balance

Absorb and ground negative energies, close the door to fears and seek inspiration as you light the fires of your will and wants, stabilising and growing powerfully as you speak your truth to self and to others.

Pyrite at its crown, Amazonite and labradorite in its core and what is commonly know as Garden Quartz at is base. (we call it Gaia stone)


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Crystal Wisdom


HEALING THEARAPIES: Physical Amazonite assist to alleviate skin and eye ailments and to enhance the condition of the skin, prevents infection, sooths rashes, heal blisters, leaning up acne and may reduce the pain of rheumatism. . It aids ell regeneration and healing after illness, trauma or injury and relieves muscle spasm. It can be used in treating disorders of nervous system, metabolic process, resisting tooth decay and osteoporosis. It is also useful in treating sexual disorders, and also ai...

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