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Flower of Life Feather Earrings – Sunset


Balance Love Peace Wealth

Flower of Life crown this beautiful hand made feather earrings.

Found in many religions, it holds the patterns of creation. As they emerged from what was basically a great void, and a thought pattern of the creator. It connects all of us through sacred geometry pattern as a part of the same creation through space and time.                                                                                                                                  Addition of these beautiful feathers will take you to the new levels of connection with others and space itself.

Our feathers are sourced ethically, from free-range farms, not plucked but dropped naturally and wild feathers we procure through our army of assistants. We use organic natural dyes, the feathers are also cleansed through a 3-way process giving you a superb product to grace your collection. Energetically they feel delicious, free and soft to the touch. Each one a work of art, love and care.

Over the past 5 years, 82 Balinese women have chosen to work with Plume Angel. They are trained to make high-quality products and become invested in their work as they each have ‘ownership’ of their own lives. As for now only 19 of them are permanently working. We want to give a stable job for all of them. Your contribution will provide for materials and continuous production, to ensure everyone comfort and freedom.

Feathers: 84 feathers orange, brown and deep green striped colour.
Fittings: Pearl of the Philippines, tiger eye, beads from America, a hook from surgical steel, strong rope.

Length: 24-25 cm


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