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Herkimer Diamond The Queen of Crystals HD8


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Queens of the Crystal World – Herkimer Diamonds.

When it comes to one of our most loved crystals, we can easily say that they are one of the most loved ones. We gave them a status “The Queens of the Crystal World”.

They are beautiful double-terminated quartz crystals and are close to five hundred million years old. Their diamond-like geometrical shape gave them the name itself and being recognized as the Herkimer Diamonds.  For a spiritual person and anyone who seeks the ultimate creation of the Mother Earth those beautiful gems will add so much to your life.

So let’s see. Apart from all quartz qualities of amplification, transmutation we find that especially with  Herkimer Diamond the psychic abilities are enhanced, connection with spirit strengthens, attunement with the higher realms becomes much easier and just a feeling of clear mind and making right decisions and staying on tasks becomes normality.  

So this one is beautiful, clear and quite a happy one .. If you have your eyes open you will see a diva’s face on one facet there and will say hello to you.

Size is approx:   22 x 23mm




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Crystal Wisdom

Herkimer Diamond

The stone takes its name comes from Herkimer in New York, USA and can ONLY be found there. This diamond is the true strong man of the Quartz Crystal World, though they are small they are HUGE!. Herkimers are a naturally double terminated crystal…not a diamond. their clarity and strength gives it the ‘diamond’ name. The stone assists in most areas of your life. It is an ‘A’ stone because it is for Ascension, Angels, Ancient wisdom, Amplify, Aura, and Attunement. These six sided tiny ...

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