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Ignite Your Passionate Life

Ignite your Passionate Life and join Ivana and Craig in an immersive week in the land of the Gods Bali. Delve into the inner you, create lasting pathways for you to Live your most passionate life. Working with ancient shamanic ...

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***Please note the SALE PRICE is an early bird price and will end on the 31st July***

You don’t NEED to go on a retreat for personal growth and transformation.
There are plenty of resources and practices available that can guide you right where you are.
The thing is, though, that there’s a unique power in setting aside dedicated time, energy, space and love to nurture these areas of your life.
At home, it can be challenging to find such a focused and immersive setting. It becomes so much more challenging to hone your personal power, strengthen your spiritual connection and deepen your relationships when you’re going at it alone.
That’s exactly what our newest 7-day retreat, Ignite Your Passionate Life, offers. 
Join us on this journey into the depths of your soul, facilitated by us, Craig and Ivana, as we use our five decades of combined experience to guide you through a week of profound personal transformation.
 Here are some special highlights you will experience: 
• Healing and Transformation
Get immersed in various ancient shamanic and modern healing practices, including drum journeys, breathwork, elemental rituals, soul retrieval, transformative ceremonies, ancestral lineage clearing, group NLP and coaching sessions, personal and psychic development and more.
• Nature-Based Ceremonies
Rediscover and reconnect to the world around you with powerful elemental rituals like water and fire ceremonies and learn to bring their magic home into your everyday life. After this retreat, you’ll never look at rivers or oceans or feel the wind on your face the same way again.
• Emotional Growth and Inner Balance
Enhance your emotional resilience and find inner balance. Discover tools to build a life full of joy, purpose, connection and spiritual fulfilment. Learn strategies to manage challenging emotions, including sadness and grief, helping you improve your relationships with yourself, others and the world.
• Cultural Immersion
Get introduced to the rich Balinese culture through the island’s enduring spiritual traditions and practices. Experience direct interactions with a local Priest and High Priestess and sacred sound therapies at the Pyramids of Chi.
 Your transformation will come in the form of… 
Spiritual Growth
This intimate and inclusive retreat welcomes everyone, not just the spiritually experienced. Whether you’re a seasoned spiritual seeker or just beginning to explore these realms, Ignite Your Passionate Life offers the perfect setting for anyone wanting to integrate this magic into their everyday life – enriching both the mundane and mystical aspects of our existence.
Connection to Nature
This retreat will broaden your perspective on life and deepen your connection with the natural world, helping you to see its role as a fundamental source of strength and inspiration as you rediscover your symbiotic relationship with the environment.
Relationship Deepening
Designed to deepen your personal connections, this retreat helps you strengthen your relationships with family, friends and partners – fundamental to crafting a life filled with joy, purpose and true connection.
Exploration of True Empowerment
During this retreat, you’ll learn that real power comes from within. As outdated perceptions of power dissolve, you’ll rediscover authenticity and tap into your core essence, focusing on what truly matters in your life.
 This experience is designed for those who are ready to… 
Deepen their connection to Spirit
Explore the depths of your essence so you can engage more profoundly with your spiritual side.
Empower and enrich their lives
Find new strengths and elevate your everyday experiences and actions.
Reclaim a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfilment
Restore your sense of joy and contentment in life.
Step confidently into any new challenge
Equip yourself to handle life’s challenges with assurance.
Create abundance beyond the material
Discover wealth in forms not solely tied to material possessions.
Apply practical tools to enhance life connections
Use tangible skills to improve your interaction with the world around you.
Discover and understand your inner power
Connect to the strength that lies within and learn how it shapes your life (and how to utilise it better).
Create new connections and lifelong friendships
Meet like-minded humans and build meaningful relationships that last.
Balance your sacred masculine and feminine energies
Achieve a harmonious balance of your inherent energies.
Explore your potential to create a life of Magic, Purpose, and Meaning
Tap into your ability to build a fulfilling and purpose-driven life.
 Accommodations and Inclusions: 
• Accommodation: Relax in superior Balinese garden twin-share accommodations. Single rooms available at an additional cost.
• Nourishment: Enjoy included group buffet breakfasts and four special dinner outings.
• Massage: Unwind with a complimentary 1-hour traditional Balinese massage.
• Daily practices: Participate in daily activities such as yoga, meditation, circle work and powerful rituals designed to clear the old and welcome the new into your life.
• Capacity: We are welcoming just 18 participants to ensure a deeply personal experience.
 Early Bird and Payment Plans 
• Special Offer for Early Birds
Secure your spot with a deposit by June 1st, 2024, and save between $400 and $501.
• Flexible payment plans
We offer flexible payment plans to make it easier to manage the financial aspects of attending for anyone who feels called to join us.
 Your Guides on This Journey 
Craig Davey
Known as the Modern Medicine Man for the Soul, Craig’s expertise in Soma Breathwork and energetic healing will help you navigate your spiritual awakening. Coaching with Craig is a majestic life changing experience.
Ivana Iyanifa
A celebrated Ifa Priestess and Womb Awakening Healer, Ivana’s mastery in Shamanic Elemental Breathwork will guide you to rediscover your inner strength.
Our Certifications
Among many other qualifications, we hold Diplomas in Neuro-Linguistic Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Life & Success Coaching.
Retreat Essentials 
Location: Nestled in the heart of Ubud, Bali.
Dates: November 14th to 21st, 2024 (7-day retreat).
Capacity: Limited to 18 souls for a personal and profound experience.
Pricing: Single and twin-share options available, each with early bird discounts. For complete pricing details, please visit the Ignite Your Passionate Life page.
Whether you’re looking to heal, grow or simply take a life-changing break from the ordinary, Ignite Your Passionate Life offers a gateway to extraordinary living. Prepare yourself for a journey like no other.
Spaces are limited, and we encourage you to secure your place early. Register now and start counting down the days until we meet in Bali.
Secure my place now ✨
In spirit and joy,
Craig Davey & Ivana Iyanifa
For more information you can also go to https://ivanaiyanifa.com/retreat/
P.S. If the idea of reconnecting with your inner self, exploring the depths of your spirit and connecting with like-minded souls in one of the most enchanting places on Earth calls to you, then Ignite Your Passionate Life is the retreat you cannot miss. Let’s step into this transformative experience together. We can’t wait to welcome you to Bali.
  •  Attendance max 18 people

***Please note that prices quoted are for twin rooms, you will be sharing with another beautiful soul***

**If you would like a single room the supplement is $501 per person** Just contact us if you would like to add this option.

or go to https://ivanaiyanifa.com/retreat/


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