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Kunzite Raw Love K1


Love Balance Freedom Wealth

Kunzite – stone of infinite source of love, peace and easily said one our favourite crystals for healing deep emotional wounding.

Holding this beautiful gift from mother earth in your hands and placing it over your heart you immediately feel pure love washing over your whole chest area. Your heart is activated connecting at the same time your throat and third eye area. With that we are in a space where we have loving thoughts and our communication is a reflected in the same way when we speak to others.

Kunzite assist in healing of our emotional pain by dissolving the negativity and at the same time creates an energetic shield that protect us from negative energies.

With Kunzite we receive not only internal realisation of love but also your energy in general becomes one of outside expression of self-love, unconditional love and one we all seek in one way or the other the romantic love.

On the physical side it is said that helps to strengthen and reinforce the heart muscles, assist with disorders of lungs, stimulates the secretion of hormones of well being and assist with  stress related issues we all have at times.

This beauty is raw in its pure form.

Weight: 74gr

Measurements approx.: 60 x 30 x 20




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