Magnificent Moldavite, a bit quirky! set in Stirling Silver


Magnificent Moldavite

Moldavite, the Stone that fell from the sky!

This ‘quirky” spiral of love is total 4cm long in total Set in Sterling Silver It will delight
your senses both visually and energetically.
  • Energetically, Moldavite is a great healing stone, stimulating you to achieve your own personal goals.
  • It allows you to stand in your own energy or vibrational field.
  • Moldavite, a rare stone from Czechoslovakia from some 14 million years ago when a meteor hit the earth.
  • The extraterrestrial body of the meteorite and the earth where it landed combined with massive force and fire, forming this rare member of the tektite family.
  • I love it and it’s energy.
  • You will love its colors and particularly love how the natural ridges and waves of this crystal look.
  • Some people have been known not to handle the intense energy of this stone, If your here, your connected with it!
  • Those who are on their life path and searching will find it a magnificent partner on their journey.
  • Beware…. much of the Moldavite sold on the internet today is man made and not the real deal!
  • We guarantee our Moldavite is genuine, we know our source and have been with them for many years.

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Moldavite Wisdom


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