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Moldavite Moon Goddess 925 Sterling Silver Pendant


Balance Freedom Peace Love Protection Wealth

Stunning 925 Sterling Silver hand made Moldavite Moon Goddess pendant is absolutely magical. Energies of the mother Moon combined with Galactic energies of Moldavite gives you the ultimate tool to strongly connect with all there is… we are so much more than just the physical body. Let this gorgeous pendant take you on the journey of exploration and joy.

Pendant is wide 4cm and Moldavite weight is 1.5gr.


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Crystal Wisdom


We are rarely without it! Moldavite is an ‘accident’ of nature…Or was it? It is said that around about 15 million years ago A HUGE meteorite crashed into our beautiful planet in a place called Moldau valley around the areas Bohemia and Moldavia in Czechoslovakia. There were large deposits near Vltava river in the Czech Republic The impact and immense heat created a mixture of minerals and elements of both earthly and extra-terrestrial origins, what we today know as Moldavite. Each piece a ...

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