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Natural Smokey Citrine Specimen- Cathedral Lightbrary


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Natural Smokey Citrine Specimen- Cathedral Lightbrary

The cathedral lightbrary is a Master crystal and a must for anyone seeking to connect deeply with crown chakra, Lightbrary Quartz is bringing ‘light’ or divine energy into our space. They work in association with our memories future, present and past and enhance our access to the Akahsic records where all we know and all we are is documented.

This stunning piece of Citrine will be a talking point to your collection.

Large natural specimens such as this are hard to come by

Citrine, a stone of the sun and abundance in life, also known as a manifestation stone or merchants stone, it is also great for healing as the natural yellow assists the attraction of ‘light’ around the aura.

3.25kg length: 24.5 cm width: 12cm height: 10.5cm


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Citrine comes in two basic forms to the general public which is natural, while the other is enhanced, or heat treated. The later being those beautiful deep golden colours we see with coffee coloured tips. However, This heat treatment does not affect the energetic properties of Citrine in a negative way. Said to be powered by the sun, it is a great place to start on your crystal journey. This is because It energizes and warms you to new life and ideas, it creates Abundance, Psychic connection a...

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