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Owl Wisdom Black onyx sml


Balance Protection Love

The Owl, it represents wisdom, we know that, it holds space for us as we gain knowledge go through the changes that life offers as we seek the sovereign self. Trusting in the wisdom of our intuition as we build further the self love that guides our path. The Owl is vigilant while others rest, always watching always seeing what is around us, offering the protection of awareness.

Black Onyx provides support in difficult or confusing circumstances, and times of enormous mental stress.

It aids in learning lessons, imparting self confidence and helping you to be at ease with your surroundings.

Onyx allows us to separate our emotions of sorrow and grief, and to end unhappy and difficult relationships. It assists to provide that inner strength we seek.

This beautiful piece is uniquely hand carved and is approximately 5cm high and 2.5×3.4 cm at its base.


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