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Petalite Specimen PE4


Love Peace Balance

Beautiful Translucent Petalite Specimen

When it comes to this beautiful translucent high vibrational crystal we cannot feel but uplifted by its energy. Some say it opens cosmic consciousness and with that easy access to the Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit and Animal guides and the one I love, connecting with Ancient Civilizations. With  Petalite we stay grounded and not lose the connection with mother Earth even if we work with the higher realms and all our “Clair” senses are enhanced.

When it comes to healing properties, depression is the one assisted most due to inclusion of Lithium. It is very beneficial for anyone with ADD, ADHD, with anyone who worries too much and has a mind that never stops.

Another attribute of Petalite is that is very useful for ancestral family healing. It can transport you back in time before situations went the wrong way so a new path can be forged.

This is one of the stones we should all have around.

Size: 4.2 x 2.6 x 1cm



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