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Pietersite Power Pendant #20


Protection Balance Freedom

Pietersite pendant is a highly charged stone. This stone discharges negative energies and emotional turmoil, and cleanses the aura, restoring it to calm.

Great for activating the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras creating a powerful increase in the energy of personal will and intuitive abilities. As a result, It grounds the body’s physical energy centers that increases the focus of one’s aim in life. Furthermore, It enhances meditation, visionary and telepathic powers, and allows spiritual journeying and access to the Akashic Records.

Additionally, Pietersite Pendant helps to clear stagnant energies, habits and life patterns, and reveals new directions for one’s life. It also helps to take action toward those new goals.

Pietersite is excellent for interdimensional travel, vision quests or shamanic journeying.

Weight: 15.26gms

Length: 52mm

Width: 24mm


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