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Platonic Solids Sacred Geometry Amethyst 7 Piece set


Balance Peace Love Wealth

Beautiful Amethyst high grade 7 piece set that will work with you and the universe beautifully.

It was the Greek Philosopher Plato who came to the conclusion that the whole universe is made out of these 7 regular solids and hence Platonic Solids –  the name itself.

We have used those beautiful shapes in our mandalas, grids, and have had during meditation with each shape different impressions and emotions coming through. I hope you will too.

In the pack you will find  the 7 Platonic Solid Geometric Shapes as follows:

1. Sphere –representing Consciousness

2. Dodecahedron – representing the Ether/Aether or Universe Element

3. Icosahedron  – representing the Water Element

4. Octahedron  – representing the Air Element

5. Tetrahedron  – representing the Fire Element

6. Cube or Hexahedron  – representing the Earth Element

7. Merkaba or Star Tetrahedron – representing  Light, Spirit & Body

Hope you will love them as do we.




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Common Uses: Healing and protection for both humans and animals, it is useful around plants also. The Amethyst is also known as the “stone of sobriety” because it enables you to recover from addictive habits and relationships. It is great in a bedroom or in an area where relaxation needs to take place because it is a natural reliever of stress and helps one relax to sleep. Use it in Babies rooms to protect and relax the child. It is also used to enhance spiritual growth and awareness, and ...

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