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Sacred Power Talking Stick


Balance Freedom Peace Love Protection Wealth

Sacred Power.

Connection, clarity yet gentle strength.

Light, body spirit, The Merkabah sits atop this piece its energy continually spiralling, continually surrounding the full body in deep connection. Opening you to the ancient wisdoms of your souls journeys, while enhancing the connection to spirit guides and the ancestors.

Turquoise, protecting the journey of the speaker

Lapis Lazuli, opening the throat chakra, assisting you to speak your truth, with EGO (energetic Guidance offered) providing trust between you, the speaker and what you feel and know, speak the truth that is offered.

Amazonite, Encourages the search for self-discovery. Used by the ancients to heal and strengthen. While tempering aggression and calming the spirit. Balancing the masculine feminine energies within. It is a stone of power and calm.

Quantum Quatro, this power house consists of four powerful minerals: Shattuckite, Chrysocolla, Malachite and Dioptase in quartz with copper. A stone of healing, protection, and communication. The frequencies of this stone Connecting to the third eye, throat, heart, and earth star chakras. Allowing you to know and let go of emotional traumas while releasing you from your emotional patterns.

Length is 32cm

At its base a beautiful quartz crystal sphere, known by seers and mediums to open the ways to clarity. As you search or scry with powerful intent.


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Crystal Wisdom


​Common Uses: Healing and protection for travel, protective talisman. Turquoise is a protective stone, taking on the characteristics that are positive around those holding it or wearing it as a talisman. Said to loose color or fade if the wearer is ill and can return it’s color when seated with a new keeper. From Ancient Egypt to the South American Aztecs and Incas, to the North American Indians to China and beyond. It has travelled with Kings, Rulers and Shaman as a stone of Protection. Wo...

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