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Shungite Merkabah



SHUNGITE- The power to cleanse a Stone of life.

Peter the Great of Russia set up Russias first Spa in the Karelia region of Russia, making use making use of the cleansing water and purifying effects of the local carbon-based stone SHUNGITE. He later instigated the use of Shungite for use to purify the drinking water of his army because of its antibacterial properties.

SHUNGITE is ancient, about 2 billion years old it is a non-crystalline carbon-based rock, in fact, it is up to 98% carbon(weight based). And is known as an amorphous mineral because it does not crystallise into any particular geometric shape.

There seem to be 3 different types.

1: Noble or Elite Shungite, which is around 98% carbon it is not easy to carve or sculpt it is stunning! It also has the largest amount of Fullerenes** within it. It has a naturally faceted shiny metallic-like sheen, often seen with browny ochre colourings within due to the oxidisation of Pyrite in its formation. It is quite rare being only about 1% of all Shungite.

2: Petrovsky Shungite (named after Peter the great of Russia) has around 50% to 70% carbon it is carved or shaped quite easily and polishes nicely and it is the most common form of Shungite found. It is a dark grey when unpolished often seen with pyrite inclusions which are often not seen when it is polished.

3: Black or regular Shungite that is of the lowest grade with about 30% to 55% carbon. This is the Shungite we find mainly used for water purification.

SHUNGITE was originally found in the Karelia region of Russia, near a town called Shunga It is found in tiny amounts in other parts of the world now. Much of the SHUNGITE found in marketplaces nowadays is in fact not Shungite so be aware! Trust your supplier’s reputation, if it is cheap and too good to be true it probably is, so don’t buy it. It is not a cheap stone.


This ancient stone is known to block EMF.                                                                         SHUNGITE is naturally electromagnetic and has a strong effect of neutralising high frequency and microwave electromagnetic radiation.

It is recommended to wear or carry it with you at all times to protect us from Geopathic* stress, as these days we are bombarded with these frequencies, from our computers and phones to the frequencies attributed from WiFi and cell phone towers amongst others.  And although the science is still out (technically) on there harmful effects on the human body, we feel their protection and the difference it makes to us, and thousands of people throughout the world.

It’s strong antibacterial cleansing and detoxing properties and anti-inflammatory properties make it a must to place within our drinking water as a filtering agent.  in fact we have had them in our filters for many years now.

We also have used Shungite in our grids and healing practices also for years, it is used to assist in the healing of many conditions from allergies, arthritis and skin diseases to the rejuvenation of hair. Protecting and healing us on so many levels.

*Geopathic Stress, energies that rise up from the Earth, and become distorted when they encounter man-made or natural distortions. They may result in a weakened immune system and cancers to general discomforts.

** FULERENES are a carbon molecule within a hollow cage of 60 or more atoms produced by the action of an ‘arc’ discharge between Carbon electrodes. Fullerenes are naturally occurring antioxidants and are useful in areas of inflammation within our body.  In 1996 the Nobel prize was awarded to Robert Curl, Richard Smalley with Harold Kroto for their discovery.              They were nicknamed Buckyballs as they were similar in their molecular shape to the designs of an architect by the name of Buckminster Fuller to his geodesic domes, having an Icosahedral (20 faces)symmetry.

Size Approx: 50-52mm (widest points)


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