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Talisman of Deep Emotional Healing


Balance Love Peace Freedom

Just looking at this gorgeous talisman you can feel the pulse of your heart beating  that spreads love and healing throughout your chest.

Pink tourmaline, amethyst and danburite, a combination that takes away excess fear and anger so we can  understand where do they come from, what is the root of it all and with that in itself the healing can take place.

You can see the fast way our of unhappy situation by first healing that part of yourself that needs love and in that way move forward without that burden that was not yours to start with. Truly powerful ally in this times we find ourselves in.

Amethyst sphere on top followed by gorgeous pink tourmaline, tanzine aura danburite and all combined with Copper wire.

Length of the talisman is 7cm


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Crystal Wisdom


Said to have endless energy, It is one of the few stones in the crystal world that never needs cleaning (though we do suggest you do so occasionally giving It a ‘break’ as a way of giving thanks). As a tool for healing, it instantly aligns all chakras. It’s incredibly powerful Energy enhances and strengthens the aura. Being such a high vibrational stone, Kyanite is grouse for building energetic pathways where none were before. A superhighway builder of sorts, this high vibration allows fo...

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