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The Flower Of Life Pendant Rose Quartz set in Sterling Silver


Love Protection Balance Peace Freedom

The “Flower of Life Rose Quartz pendant” is constructed from nineteen circles.

Found in many religions, it holds the patterns of creation. As they emerged from what was basically a great void, and a thought pattern of the creator.

This flower of creation in different forms holds the structure of music!. This is because, the distances between the circles or spheres are the same as the distance between musical notes and half notes.

Additionally, As it is progressively drawn it shows us the sacred structures of the Merkaba.

Furthermore, on it’s way to becoming whole it recreates the structure of the third embryonic division of human life. Thus, creating the human body and energy systems surrounding us.

The flower of life rose quartz pendant also holds within it a secret symbol. That of which is created when one draws 13 circles out of the Flower of Life.

By doing this, one discovers the most important and sacred pattern in the universe!. That which is the source of all that is known as The Fruit of Life, containing 13 information systems.

In which, each explaining an aspect of reality. These systems give us access to everything ranging from the human body to the galaxies.

In the first system, for example, it’s possible to create any molecular structure and any living cellular structure that exists in the universe. Thus, every living creature.

When connected at the mid point of these inner 13 circles we see the Metatrons cube which holds the 3 dimensional shapes of the 5 Plutonic solids where we find the creation of all possibilities for structure in our universe


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