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The Strength kit…. endure, thrive and live


Protection Balance

Strength Kit – A beautiful selection of high quality tumble stones, it may assist you when you are needing a bit more energetic assistance.

It assists and gives energy, Thus, it helps overcome life challenges in these areas: focus, courage, fatigue, endurance 

Place this strength kit under or in your pillow or carry them with you wherever you go.

This pack includes:

Bloodstone – The “Stone of courage”, it helps one function with determination.

Red Tiger Eye – For overcoming fatigue or discouragement

Tiger Iron – Increases stamina and focused will.

Hematite – Provides strength for moving through adversity.

Onyx – For inner strength and endurance.


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Crystal Wisdom

Tiger Eye

The largest numbers of Tiger Eye Stones are found in South Africa. It also comes from Brazil, Burma,India, Western Australia and USA. Used by the Egyptians for the eyes of their deities showing divine all seeing vision. Providing from both the Sun(Ra) and the Earth(Geb-actually the God of the land) protection. It is of the quartz (Chalcedony) family, a crystal silicate with a hardness of 5.5 to 6 it is a hexagonal crystal system. Such is its delicious connection to the golden rays and through th...

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