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Tree of Life Pendant Aqua Aura set in Stirling Silver


Balance Wealth Protection Peace Freedom

The Tree of Life Aqua Aura pendant represents many things to different cultures around the world.

From the sacred Goddess of Earth, Wisdom and nurturing. To enlightenment as Buddhists as they see it in the Bodhi tree. Thus, it is a symbol of connection to all that we share on this earth and beyond.

Its roots deeply held within Onile, the earth mother or Mother earth that connects to all. Furthermore, extends its branches to the sky as it reaches to the father sun and holds within it the energy of all, accepting and recycling.

It is a sign of new beginnings for us, that shows us growth and change of the seasons in our own lives.

The Tree of Life Aqua Aura pendant importantly reminds us of our connection to our family and Ancestors. Who without their help results to us not feeling the full wisdom of life. As a result, allows us to sprout our wisdom as we grow and seed for future generations.

As we grow we become an individual, just as each tree has it’s own shape and character.

It is within this cycles of life and weathering that we are reminded that we grow stronger as we learn.

Even if we break we become well, and our wisdom grows as we heal and let go of those things that no longer serve us.

The Tree of life shows us that even in the death like hibernation of winter we can be nourished. Resulting in our growth that opens to new beauty within and without.

Remember, the tree bears seeds, they are from itself yet these very same seeds create new life, just as we do with our own cycles and wisdom.


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