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UFO Steel Drum Sunset Master


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UFO Drum made in Bali, Indonesia.

UFO Drums are the unique musical instrument that is hand made in the ‘Island of Gods’ – Bali. UFOdrums are perfectly hand-tuned by 20 years experienced masters, who are making pearls of Asian music -musical instruments for royal orchestra ” Gamelan”. Knowing all secrets and traditions of making percussion now they are creating modern drums. UFO Drum – idiophonic tonal drum – comes in three scale varieties: Sunrise, Sunset and Full Moon.

UFO drums have a slinky futuristic design and are compact and lightweight.  This charming instrument will look beautiful in your living room and it is a great gift. What could be better to celebrate a sunrise in the mountains, a sunset on a seashore or a picnic with your friends beside the warm glow of a campfire, accompanied by the magical sounds of UFO drum

UFO drum can be played with hands or with sticks. Place it on your lap, or on some soft surface to keep sound hole at the bottom open. The hit must be sharp, but not too strong. After a short contact with the surface of the instrument finger should “bounce up” like a tennis ball. The shorter is the time of contact with the surface – the longer the sound becomes and the overtones get richer. For beginners, the best way to start is to use a forefinger. Hit the surface of the drum with your fingertips, the place which normally used for the fingerprint. After a little practice, the notes played with fingers will become as loud and clear as if you are using steel tongue drum soft sticks.

User maintenance is simple, just wipe it sometimes inside and out with natural oil to avoid corrosion. Protect from bumps and scratches. And enjoy it!

Perfect for relaxation. Meditative sounds set you free of time and space, guiding you back home to Self.

Tonality: B Minor Notes: B C# D F# G B C# D Diameter: 27 cm / 11” Weight: 2.5 kg / 5.5 lb Comes with: Support ring, travel-friendly bag and pair of mallets Warranty: One year


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