The Black Beauty

Black Tourmaline – The Dragon of Crystals

When I think of this particular Black Beauty and what it brings to its owner, a dragon enters my mind’s eye. A gentle face, wings out, big and all powerful. She sits by her owner’s side ready to breathe fire if needed.

If something or someone means you harm, there she is to protect you! She is mighty, she is stable… she is Black Tourmaline.

Ancient magicians used Black Tourmaline, then known as Schorl, to protect them from demons and negative energies. And to this very day, it is still widely used as a talisman to protect and shield us from negative energies.

Black Tourmaline also rids us of uninvited energies, entities, and other forms of nasty forces that were already there.

Black Tourmaline

Renowned for its ability to take negative energy and turn it into something positive, Black Tourmaline is often placed in the four corners of the home to keep the good in and the bad out.

It can also keep you safe while driving, by placing a piece in your car, or in day-to-day life by wearing it as jewellery.

Although it is used mainly for protection, this black beauty does not stop there.

Black Tourmaline is a very powerful grounding stone. It connects our soul to our Earth Mother. Associated with the root chakra, Black Tourmaline not only balances the grounded part of us but also helps us to feel secure and safe, supporting its owner to feel deeply anchored at all times.

Like the dragon, Black Tourmaline has a goal… to protect against that which is both seen and unseen to us.

In his book Streams of Silver, American author Robert Salvatore wrote:

“No, I would not want to live in a world without dragons, as I would not want to live in a world without magic, for that is a world without mystery, and that is a world without faith.”

Dragons may be a stretch for some, but what they represent remains the same. Protection and strength. As too does the Black Tourmaline, a stone that we can readily hold in our hands, trust and admire.

Crystals are all gifts from Mother Earth, Black Tourmaline is definitely one we could all do with.

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Magic…………… Mystery ………. Faith


By Ivana Slobodnik

Ivana Iyanifa is diviner, oracle, spiritual consultant, accredited crystal healer and teacher, shamanic practitioner, ritual-creator and Ifa Priestess, officially initiated into Iyanifa in 2011 at Uluru by Olowo Robert Lavtar.

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