Tigers Eye

The all seeing Tigers eye.

​​Grounding, Harmonising, manifesting, clarity.

Used by the Egyptians for the eyes of their deities showing divine all seeing vision. Providing from both the Sun(Ra) and the Earth(Geb-actually the God of the land) protection.

It is of the quartz (Chalcedony) fami

ly, a crystal silicate with a hardness of 5.5 to 6 it is a hexagonal crystal system.

Colored from a golden yellow/brown to blueish brown and multicolored

Such is it’s delicious connection to the golden rays and through the energy centre of the solar plexus it both grounds us and assist with the opening if you like of your Psychic gifts. And with it’s grounding comes a level of harmony and balance sought after so strongly in todays society, as it assists your own efforts to allay and release anxiety and fear. Both of which are far too common, as we seek joy and love in so many of the wrong places, while being taught that self trust is no longer viable, yet it is within the shadow of Self trust and vulnerability we find balance. Tigers eye will aid you in this journey of discovery.

Know through the ages as a protector against curses and ill wishes (the evil eye). Tigers eye has always been sought after as an amulet and carried or worn for protection. While at the same time protecting our prosperity and good fortune.

​​It enables us as we journey to

heighten our awareness of extremes and balance aspects of life facing us, encouraging us to stay on a path of integrity and personal authenticity. Grabbing all aspects of knowledge and ‘self’ and bringing them together in a cohesive manner in which we can flow powerfully yet harmoniously through our life. Enhancing and utilising our decision making , clarity, and natural talents.

Anubis Creations has many beautiful specimens, and many more to come.

Found in large amounts in South Africa, but also from Brazil, Western Australia, India Burma and the USA.

The largest numbers of Tiger Eye Stones are found in South Africa, but it also comes from Brazil, Burma,India, Western Australia and USA.