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Black Obsidian Dragon Carving


Peace Protection Wealth Balance

The Dragon, Majestic and Wise. Obsidian, the protector

The energy of the Dragon offers ancient wisdom from days past, drawing to you aeons of connection as you connect with it. Bring to you guidance as you walk through life with it, enabling strength and protection. Harnessing the forces of nature and elements work with earth, Wind, Fire, Water and the Ether.

Black Obsidian, a natural glass created below the earths crust forming this Magic and Magnificent piece. Black Obsidian polished highly as this Dragon Skull is presents a world of wonder and opportunity, from scrying into the ages past and present to you profound connection to spirit. It is highly protective and wards off negative energies while, allowing you to dive deeply into powerful meditation. Acting as a gateway to the mirror to your soul as you awaken the treasures you hold within.

Weight : 305 grams

Length: 10.5cm

Width: 5.5cm

Height: 5.5 cm


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