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Bali Retreat

Reclaim your Passion for Life. Introducing a landmark mixed retreat hosted by internationally-known Modern Day Medicine Man for the Soul, Craig Davey and Slovenian Wise woman, Spiritual Womb Embodiment Coach and Ifa Priestess, Ivana Iyanifa-Ifaponle Abimbola.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to have combined wisdom of both, Craig and Ivana have been walking this path of transformation and healing together as a couple last 8 years and have from their previous spiritual paths combined over 50 years experience and are committed now to help others on their individual transformation and empowerment path.

Crystal Workshops

Level 1 ~ Healing with Crystals Course

In this workshop, you will learn how to apply crystals to your body, and tune into the energy of crystals to experience it in a tangible or physical way.

Level 2 ~ Healing with Crystals Course

This workshop is designed to deepen your knowledge so you can step into the space of a master healer. You will learn how to create and strengthen sacred space with the elements, angels, ancestors and spirit guides.

Psychic Consultation

Sometimes it feels as though we’re walking blindly through life without a guidebook. Psychic consultations offer you guidance and fresh perspectives beyond what can be seen or heard at will.

By using divination tools, tuning into your auric field and connecting with your spirit guides, I can access information and insights that are specific to you. For over 20 years, I’ve been providing psychic and spiritual consultations and even to this day I’m amazed by the mystery of how life unfolds.

Shamanic Energy Healing

We are living in new times and awakening to knowledge beyond what is known in western culture. This is a return to the old ways; the ways of working with energy that medicine people around the world have practiced since the beginning of time itself.

Shamanic/Energy healings allow us to access, release and balance the energy that has been stored in our cells from various different causes of stress.

The Power of The Orishas

In 2011, I was initiated as an Ifa Priestess at Uluru and then became a Wise Woman (Nana Buukan) by invitation in 2018. I am now taking applications for mentorship and initiation into the Order of Ifa. This mentorship introduces you to the path of Ifa, sharing ancient practices that can be applied in the 21st Century.

Psychic Readings

A psychic reading is a powerful way to begin the process of moving forward in your life. Answering your questions. I tap into your energetic body to see where blockages are affecting you, then with the assistance of my guides and ancestors I channel information for you, answering questions that may be new or those that have been unanswered for many years. Using cards and divination to assist the reading they are both profound and precise.

Bio-Energetic and Shamanistic Healing

“I am not an ‘Alternative’ healer. I am a Healer.” Healing with me.

I am the GO TO person for healing and will certainly make a powerful difference in your life as we discuss your past present and future. I am a modern day medicine man for the soul, Shamanic practitioner and wizard. Removing that which no longer serves you, cutting away the shadow and working with it to balance ourselves.

“When we recognise the shadow and work with love and pure intention then we begin to trust ourselves again “

Looking for abundance in all things and beauty provided around  us every day.

Energetic Protection and Cleansing 

Be safe within your home, office, physical and light body. Contact me for details of costs please.

Home, office and personal cleansing rituals are offered to rid you of negative energies and unwanted spiritual ‘guests” that persist around your space and cause havoc and unrest within your person, home and office.

Talismans of Protection

Talismans and amulets co-created to protect you from psychic attack and energy ‘bleed’ from your aura. Created with pure intention and powerful magic to assist you in your lifes journey, Craig is a master craftsman and will ensure the integrity and power of your piece.

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