From her childhood wandering with her grandparents in Slovenia Ivana, was introduced to the wonders of the land, the elements and the abundant nature around her.

Starting a lifelong love affair with what we know as nature, how it feels and how it can benefit us in our daily lives. Not so much for Craig, his early years were in a city, at 11 he discovered the bush and that secret feeling we all have that says ahhh this is beautiful. It never went away.

And then came rocks and stones 🙂 CRYSTALS.

Both Ivana and Craig began to feel the energies within them in their 30’s. A love affair began between how they felt and how they felt with the different vibrations of the crystals they would touch and feel.

It wasn’t until their late 40’s when they met and discovered this mutual love of energy and wisdom of the crystal world. And then in their early 50’s their love for each other and this love they shared with the earth mother(we call her Onile) and her sacred gifts.

Combining their wisdom and crystals they now teach and live a life filled with crystals and earth elemental magic. Sharing this knowledge within Australia and overseas with retreats and workshops.

In 2015 their own Crystal Cave was birthed, a collection of amazing pieces and specimens from all over the world. High end some and others not so in price but all so amazing and beautiful. People, friends and their friends came to the Crystal Cave to peruse the treasures and feel the difference that is made when we consciously cleanse and honor the offerings to others.

With each piece, handpicked, cleansed energetically and loved for its own purpose. The Crystal Cave became a staple place of procurement for many collecting these treasures.

Now we offer them online also sharing with you our wisdom and love for the crystal world.

Please take time to browse through our selection, feel your way through and do not hesitate to ask questions, we will answer as soon as we can.

Most of our jewellery is designed in house our master jewellers crafting the final piece with handpicked specimens, chosen for their unique properties we know you will love them.

We cherish sharing our knowledge and trust you will love The crystal cave as much as we do.

Thank you for visiting our site.

Much love, Craig and Ivana.

Ivana Iyanifa

Hi there, my name is Ivana and I am passionate about helping people step into their power and tap into the abundance that surrounds us. With the wisdom of my ancestors and the elements, I provide guidance through workshops, teachings, retreats and one-on-one consultations.

Craig Davey

Craig is a Psychic, energetic Healer, Seer and Change maker. A ‘natural born healer and psychic’ Craig has been a healer all his life.

For over 15 years he has been working alongside his muggle life with those in need. For over 5 years Craig now spends his full days between creating Talismans and Wands, and working to empower people with Psychic readings and Energetic Healing.

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