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Golden Apatitite w Shattuckite Chrysocolla matrix in silver pendant J18


Balance Love Freedom Protection

Gold Apatite, a great ally to have for those who repress feelings, it assists to purge these and other stagnant and heavy energies. The gentle nature of this allows for a dissipation, gradually letting go and moving forward. Its powerful energy works well for those trapped in ‘Victim” mode offering release as you heal past trauma, karmic challenges and is a positive tool for past life work.

Golden Apatite is useful to assist with the balancing of emotions and healing those things that no longer serve you along with blockages that hold you back in your lifes purpose. Providing support and uplifting energy to strengthen your resolve and release fear.

Gold Apatite is a wonderful crystal to use when working to balance the emotions, healing/removing blockages, and releasing old baggage/conditioning which may be holding one back from moving forward.

Chrysocolla and Shattuckite they offer protection, tranquillity and communication.

Chrysocolla for meditation, communication and it’s ability to draw away negative, while working with you in a supportive way as you enter the ever changing daily challenges of life. Reminding you of your own inner strength. Quietly clearing, aligning and energising the chakras as you walk your path to a passionate life. Offering Joyful abundance, balance, creativity, wisdom and freedom to speak and act your own truth. Shattuckite is a high vibrational, protective stone, offering to you clear psychic vision and knowing, working with you to discover clearly past life and karmic patterns. Its connection to the divine paves the way to pure channelling ensuring the highest energy is present for your needs. And encourages you on your path with psychic work, auto-writing and mediumship. This magnificent stone, is a must to have within your collection of loved pieces.

Approx: 5.4cm x 1.4cm


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