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Large Natural Rainbow Abalone Shell


Large Natural Rainbow Abalone Shell


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Large Natural Rainbow Abalone Shell

Beautiful Bright Rainbow Abalone Shell, measuring approximately 16 – 17cm in size.

For centuries, these revered shells have been employed in sacred smudging rituals, harnessing the transformative power of the ocean. Abalone shells, sourced from large mollusks in shallow coastal waters, typically exhibit a brown to grey hue, but reveal a dazzling iridescent rainbow when viewed from different angles.

Primarily found along the coast of New Zealand, these extraordinary shells facilitate a deeper connection with intuition, fostering creativity and self-expression.

In smudging ceremonies, abalone shells serve as a vessel for burning sage, symbolizing inventiveness and offerings.

Embodying healing properties, the abalone shell offers protection, emotional balance, and a soothing energy that provides layers of protection, allowing for a fresh, positive perspective. Welcome the radiant beauty and spiritual essence of this extraordinary shell into your life.

  • Size: 16-17cm X 13cm approximately
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