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Red Round Coral Bracelet – Vitality and Protection


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Red Round Coral Bracelet – Vitality and Protection

Adorn your wrist with the vibrant energy of this Red Round Coral bracelet. Known for its bold, striking red color, Red Coral is not just a beautiful but also a symbol of intense vitality and life force. Traditionally used as a protective amulet, Red Coral is believed to ward off evil and negativity. It is  providing the wearer with a shield of courage and optimism.

This organic gemstone is associated with the Base Chakra. It enhances stability and endurance. It is  valued for its invigorating qualities, which stimulate metabolism and boost energy. Red Coral also helps overcoming fears and procrastination, empowering you to take action towards your goals with a passionate spirit.

  • Wear this Red Coral bracelet to embrace your strength and invigorate your life’s journey.
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