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Stunning Turquoise Necklace


Balance Wealth Protection Peace
Turquoise Necklace – one of the oldest known stones or crystals used by people from Shamans to Kings as a talisman of protection.

The color is deep and beautiful, you will feel enabled and watched because people will notice this magnificent piece of Turquoise Jewelry.

Such a powerful energy this turquoise necklace offers!

This piece is a natural stone, though polished gently to bring up the luster and depth.

Weight: 73gms

Necklace length: 44cm

Pendant length: 5.5cm

Pendant width: 3.2cm


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Crystal Wisdom


​Common Uses: Healing and protection for travel, protective talisman. Turquoise is a protective stone, taking on the characteristics that are positive around those holding it or wearing it as a talisman. Said to loose color or fade if the wearer is ill and can return it’s color when seated with a new keeper. From Ancient Egypt to the South American Aztecs and Incas, to the North American Indians to China and beyond. It has travelled with Kings, Rulers and Shaman as a stone of Protection. Wo...

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