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Talisman of Creative Heart


Balance Freedom Love Peace Protection Wealth

Talisman that brings so much love and creativity into your life by supporting your spiritual journey and looking deep into the gifts of your dreaming. What was it that is still in your heart that needs to become known and expressed with love and feeling always protected … with this beautiful Talisman you can start and feel you have an amazing ally to give you a helping hand

Carnelian, Malachite and Phantom Quartz

Length is 11cm


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Crystal Wisdom


Malachite is a stone of abundance, protector of self and family, and also of your own possessions. It is a must have healing stone. Using Malachite during healings, especially those with deep issues, prompts a positive healing and transformation. Thus, it is sometimes called the “stone of transformation”. Use as a protective amulet and healing tool to ‘extract’ heavy energies. An emotional healer Malachite encourages spiritual growth, expression of feelings, breaking away from outworn p...

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