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Talisman of The Power In Now


Freedom Protection


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Talisman of The Power In Now
When we harness the power in the moment, any given moment,
we propel ourselves into the world of manifesting our greatest desires.
And as long as you work towards this goal,
life becomes more valuable day to day as connection and trust within is amplified.
At the crown of this smaller yet mighty Talisman of The Power In Now is a Sugilite sphere.
Open to channel your innermost desires, live your truth and encourage those positive thoughts leading to creative passion.
Below this, a Golden rutile sphere.
Integrate and trust those new ideas and ventures.
Working with the solar plexus to encourage the power in you in the now.
You have all the resources within to direct the flow of your life.
At its base is a delicious and rare high quality Vera Cruz Amethyst point.
Abundance, purity of thought and connection as you learn more and more to trust your guidance and connection.
As you fully step into your power now.
  • Length: 8.5cm
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