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The Reindeer Stone “Tugtupite” specimen


Love Protection Balance

Tugtupite is a stone of unconditional love.

“In Inuit legend, it is attributed to “Tutu,” or the “reindeer girl.” It is said that Tutu gave birth to her firstborn child in the mountains and, during the process, life-giving blood seeped down into the stones, creating Tugtupite. Thus, Tugtupite has always represented life, fertility and romance.”

When carrying this stone or wearing it on a regular basis, you may feel an opening of the heart and thymus (or higher heart) chakras. Intensifying the feeling of love, in all it’s wonder. Romances are said to be enhanced as is the passion and fertility of the pairing of life with your partner.

However, it should be noted that with the opening of the heart it is also apparent that that grief and sorrow that have been hidden within the shadow of our lives is often bought to the surface, while initially it maybe uncomfortable, they rise and heal within a safe and protective environment.

Many Crystal healers have used Tugtupite  to promote physical healing, also purifying the blood, stimulating hormones and boosting fertility.

It is also believed to treat depression, promote overall health of the heart and circulatory system, and stabilize blood pressure.


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