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Guardian of Thoughts Wand


Protection Love
Guardian of Thoughts Wand  


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Guardian of Thoughts Wand

Introducing Grounding Wand – Harness the Power of Nature

Connect with the Earth’s energy and amplify your intentions with our stunning wooden wands, finished with a clear quartz point.

Handcrafted with love and care, these unique wands combine the natural beauty of wood with the clarifying properties of clear quartz. The quartz point amplifies the wood’s energy, enhancing your connection to the Earth and promoting a sense of grounding and balance.


– Grounding and centering energy

– Amplifies intentions and manifestations

– Enhances connection to nature and the Earth

– Promotes feelings of strength and resilience

– Clear quartz point clarifies thoughts and intentions

Each wand is unique, just like you!

  • Size: 20cm


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