Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

Where do you start? The Stone of Power, Healer, Energy, Clarity. Quartz is one of the most available substances on earth. I think second only to feldspar.

Crystal Type:





Crown, though works with all.


Clear or Smokey to milky white



Clear Quartz Wisdom:

Everything just about! Clear Quartz is a power stone, a true gift from Gaia. It amplifies your intention and amplifies the energies of other crystals. Clear Quartz is truly magnificent in that it can be programmed with your intent and left in one spot to do your work with you as it radiates this energy outwards when in its natural form.

It repels negative energies, use it to strengthen and clear your Aura. A Master Healer, it is able to work on any condition, use it in energy grids and during healing sessions. The most popular metaphysical stone, make sure you cleanse it often when using it as it absorbs energies so readily.

Add these energies to other quartz stones and you see why they are so loved and highly regarded energetically. This is what people think of when they see quartz crystal. It is the magnificent ambassador to the crystal world and ours!

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