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Magnificent Moldavite 925 Silver Pendant M87

What can I say, we love Moldavite. It is a stone that some say fell from the sky but it is so much more than that. Moldavite is a natural glass that is thought to have formed in the heat of an asteroid impact. This event occurred some  15 million years. Can you imagine the power embedded in this beautiful manifestation called Moldavite. It is no wonder that this stone is a Stone for New Age.

There are many ways how Moldavite will start working with you. But one of the most important one for me at least is opening of the cosmic energy and spiritual protection it provides. It is a high vibrational stone and not everyone is aligned with it. But with time it does become your best friend and ally. Wearing it, it may open and clean blockages in each one of the chakras and balanced your physical and etheric field.

Total Weight: 3.03g

Total Length: 3.8cm



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