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Metamorphosis Mystic Qtz with larimar sphere in 925 Silver J8


Balance Love Peace Protection

Metamorphosis Quartz

Known as the “Stone of Transformation”, supporting the amplification of energy required for what needs to be transformed in your life now. It assists one in replacing negative attitudes with positive direction and has been used as a mainstay and as a foundation to support during changes. Amazing powerful ally especially at this time of huge changes to our lives.


Larimar opens, activates, nurtures and encourages your throat chakra. At the same time this enables you to speak your whole truth, meaning those elements and energy points or chakras that need hearing have a ‘voice’.

This beautiful stone, is an amazing emotional cleanser, bringing peace and harmony to your life, allowing you to release ‘that which no longer serves you’ including your anxiety and phobias. Without fear, breaking the energy down around your throat and heart that you have placed there to defend yourself. Powerfully nurture both yourself and others with this amazing healing stone.

The goddess sits within many stones yet with Larimar she sits powerfully as it were her throne. Find, strengthen, embrace and your femininity as this Goddess stone allows you to stand in your own power and truly walk your lifes’ purpose bringing you once again to the nurturing love of Gaia.

Approx: 5.8cm x 2.2cm


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